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New Appointments in Southeast Asia

PRESS RELEASE 2 May 2017 New Appointments in Southeast Asia Tapp has appointed Tapp Philippines’ Country Manager Mr. Mika Tarvainen as General Manager of Sourcing and Operations in Southeast Asia. Sales and Marketing Director Mr. Juan Miguel Joven will take the role of Country Manager Philippines as of May 1st, 2017. The new role of General… Read more »

Tapp Market Now Features a Chat Function

Tapp Market

The new Tapp Market version 3.2 is available on Google Play. You can now chat with your community, and send money within your network. In addition, we fixed a few bugs for you and streamlined functionalities. Go to Google Play store and download the latest version of Tapp Market!  

Mobile World Changer Seal Awarded to Tapp Commerce

On the 17th of November, Tapp Commerce was recognized by IBM’s Mobile Business Insights as a Mobile World Changer for democratizing commerce in emerging markets.  On the Mobile Business Insights website it is stated: “The innovators on this list are being recognized for mobile innovations that improve, change and, in some cases, save lives. These organizations… Read more »

Find Out How FinTech Companies Can Promote Financial Inclusion

Roughly half of the world’s population are financial nomads; those who aren’t part of the institutional finance system. In my previous blog, I wrote down three main barriers to financial inclusion, which were: cost, culture and distance. In this post, I sum three ways on how financial technology (fintech) companies can alleviate financial exclusion by removing,… Read more »

Tapp Commerce opens Tapp Market for small businesses

Tapp Market Shopkeeper

Press release 28.10.2016  Turku, Finland Tapp Commerce opens Tapp Market for small businesses Tapp Commerce today announced the launch of, a new Android app, Tapp Market Shopkeeper. Tapp Market Shopkeeper app opens the Tapp platform for micro and small businesses to sell their products online on Tapp Market. Tapp Market Shopkeeper will be available as… Read more »

Learn What Are the Three Main Roadblocks to Financial Inclusion

Did you know that approximately half of the world’s population live with limited or no access to formal financial services? Until very recently, these financial nomads living at the bottom of the economic pyramid haven’t had a chance to climb up the ladder of financial inclusion. But the situation is changing rapidly. With the help… Read more »

Designing Tapp Market User Experience

I joined Tapp Commerce seven months ago as a Senior UX Designer. In the beginning I was working with a group of smaller Tapp Market application features and updates. While doing that, I had an opportunity to process user insights, competitor solutions, latest e-commerce trends and our roadmap direction. Eventually my goal was to redesign… Read more »

New Tapp Agent from Indonesia

New Tapp agent Chimot

Meet Chimot, new Tapp agent from Indonesia I had a privilege to meet a one-week-old Tapp agent, Tri Widianto, known as nickname Chimot, in Indonesia. My Jakartan Tapp colleagues had arranged the agent visit to me and to my marketing colleagues from Chubb. Chimot has his small corner shop at the South Jakarta area, which… Read more »

Tapp is Fighting for Financial Inclusion in Southeast Asia

UNDP BCtA financial inclusion business call to action member tapp commerce

The majority of people living at the bottom of the economic pyramid (BoP) are unable to open formal bank accounts, obtain credit or buy insurance. Without access to the banking sector, it’s difficult to even pay for basic services. For example, many individuals need to travel hours to city centers for paying their bills. This… Read more »