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New Tapp Agent from Indonesia

New Tapp agent Chimot

Meet Chimot, new Tapp agent from Indonesia I had a privilege to meet a one-week-old Tapp agent, Tri Widianto, known as nickname Chimot, in Indonesia. My Jakartan Tapp colleagues had arranged the agent visit to me and to my marketing colleagues from Chubb. Chimot has his small corner shop at the South Jakarta area, which… Read more »

Become a Tapp Agent

  Becoming an agent is easy.  As of now, it is possible to be a Tapp agent in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. As a Tapp Agent you can at the moment earn by selling phone credits, electricity and mobile games.* Soon you can also sell physical products.  As a Tapp Agent You Will Get All Tapp Agents… Read more »

Tapp is Fighting for Financial Inclusion in Southeast Asia

UNDP BCtA financial inclusion business call to action member tapp commerce

The majority of people living at the bottom of the economic pyramid (BoP) are unable to open formal bank accounts, obtain credit or buy insurance. Without access to the banking sector, it’s difficult to even pay for basic services. For example, many individuals need to travel hours to city centers for paying their bills. This… Read more »

Tapp Joins Anti-Narcotics Action in Indonesia #HereForGood

Ganjar Pranowo Tapp Commerce Indonesia Semarang

Tapp Commerce has started to sponsor National Anti-Narcotics Agency in Central Java, Indonesia. The cooperation started on Sunday the 24th of July when a Tapp sponsored anti-narcotics rally was held in Semarang. The event gathered citizens, anti-narcotics advocates and decision makers for a march against drugs. The Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo opened the rally.   Tapp doing… Read more »

Tapp Made a Sales Record

Tapp Market turned one year few weeks ago, and our second year starts with a BANG: We just broke our monthly sales record!  Did you know that most of our sales agents are family entrepreneurs? In the picture above, you see Sahrluullah with his family in front of their store and home in Tangerang, Indonesia.… Read more »

Best Performing Area Coordinators Received Awards in Indonesia

Tapp Commerce team Indonesia

Taman Piknik resort, located at the scenic Ciloto Puncak valley in West Java, is basking in the morning sun on the 20th of July. The nearby lake, surrounded by bold pine filled mountains, is oozing vapor after the previous night’s rainfall. All of a sudden, the dreamy atmosphere is cut by loud laughter and over two dozen… Read more »

See Three Graphs Capturing the Fintech Boom

Fintech graphs chart mcommerce payments

Financial technology is now on everyone’s lips. The industry is disrupting the playing field. Companies are popping around the world offering payment, lending, and insurance services with an accelerated pace. Digitalization has advanced to a point where people don’t need to go to a bank – if they even have a bank account in the… Read more »

Merchant – Sell Online with Cash at Reduced Risk

  The financial technology landscape shows no signs of slowing down. The industry as a whole saw a 67 % rise in investments during the first quarter of 2016, compared to the same period last year. This amounts to a staggering 5.3 billion USD globally. A recent study shows that particularly companies working on payments… Read more »