Designing Tapp Market User Experience

I joined Tapp Commerce seven months ago as a Senior UX Designer. In the beginning I was working with a group of smaller Tapp Market application features and updates. While doing that, I had an opportunity to process user insights, competitor solutions, latest e-commerce trends and our roadmap direction. Eventually my goal was to redesign the entire user experience of Tapp Market.

The new Tapp Market design is now revealed step by step. Improvements and updates will be packed in every release so that we can evaluate impacts and analyze feedback. About one month ago we released the first and probably most important chapter in our new design story. All the key views have been redesigned and there is also fresh look & feel on the user interface. In my mind this was like setting the stage so that we can get the party started.

The design updates of the new Tapp Market can be split in three main areas.

Foundation of user experience: landing page, navigation, products

What makes a good landing page (aka home screen) for an e-commerce application? Yes, typical design objectives do apply: clear, simple and appealing. But what brings user back to your landing page? What is the role of the landing page in building the user engagement?

A look at the most successful shopping applications reveals two important landing page themes. First, there are various types of snapshots of the product catalog: trending products, best selling products, seasonal products, suggestions, products your friends liked and so on. Highlights like these are important: if you don’t spot anything interesting during your first 10 seconds in landing page, why would you stay there? Why would you go back there?  Another theme is high frequency of updates: campaigns, offerings, new products etc. It would be hard to convince an user to come back again and again if the landing page remained static.

Obviously, our new Tapp Market will rely on diverse and frequent content updates. The new card based UI provides an opportunity to glance our product catalog from various angles and enjoy updates that we start rolling with increasing frequency. Currently, we have just released the first components of our new home page. And more is coming soon, stay tuned.


Tapp Market tab navigation organizes the key views and content, such as landing page, product catalog and agent map. Side menu is packing user’s personal toolbox, including profile, balance and payment history.

One level deeper from the main navigation lies the growing population of Tapp products. The key design challenge was to align the look and feel of different product types. There are brand new groups of physical products, such as Fashion, Gadgets, Electronics, Health & Beauty, Home & Kitchen etc. These products live side by side with our traditional digital products, such as airtime and electricity. Browsing, buying and selling of these products is now easier and faster than ever before.

Crucial patterns: cart, checkout, search

UX design is often about doing, failing, learning and fixing. Sometimes the failure might be a small detail that can be easily modified later. Sometimes a product team might realize that the whole approach for a feature have been wrong, and heavier actions are required. There are three things in an e-commerce application that I would not want to fail with, even with the first release: shopping cart, checkout and search. Obviously, most of the users have learned to anticipate how each of these functions work and the tolerance for unclear user experience is very low. Careful design, prototyping and testing of these features has been in our spotlight for some time.

user experience

I’m particularly happy with the new Tapp Market search functionality. User can find products and categories just by typing a keyword, supported by system suggestions. And the user can even search with a phone number to find matching products. Selling or buying airtime products has never been easier than this.

Visual refresh 

Colors speak all languages, as a poet Joseph Addison once said. The new Tapp Market color story will now be seen in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Each product category has a color of its own, which is then inherited to the every subview. Category colors are not only visual decorations: they also provide a very strong branding opportunity. Tapp Market can have an entire category presented according to a supplier or a partner brand color theme.

user experience

So the new Tapp Market is out there. I’m quite happy where it stands now, but we have a lot of work ahead. Now it’s time to plant some new features in this ground. And fine tune the things that we have already built: we will continue testing, learning and evolving this application every week. Please give it a try and drop us a line what do you think!

Download the new Tapp Market app from Google Play.


Tuomo Kekoni is a Senior User Experience Designer at Tapp Commerce. Follow Tuomo on Twitter