Five Reasons Why You Should Work in a Startup Like Tapp

Elia Elenius Community Manager

Startup scene is considered hot, and especially the tech scene is sizzling. People working in startups are pictured as superheroes driving the global economic growth. But is the actual work as good as it may seem? I say it is, and here are my five reasons why.

1. You can be creative and test your ideas #JFDI #BeBrave

In a big corporation, it may take ages for your idea to see the light of day, if ever. In a startup, if your idea is good, it can be tested right away – and then trashed if it doesn’t work. At Tapp we want people to be brave and go crazy with their ideas. This is the main reason why startups like us are beating the old and clumsy dinosaurs in the first place. We dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee! 

2. You feel like your work really matters #HereForGood

Sometimes in a big company you may feel like your work doesn’t matter. You can have a college degree, but still you just push papers around hours on end. Sounds familiar? It does for me, at least. I used to have paper cuts up to my elbows.

In startups, which often work on bootstrap budgets, every task matters. At Tapp we don’t have a single process that doesn’t add value. Your work has a direct influence. I definitely feel like I make a difference. The proof, you ask? Here you go: You are reading this. 

3. Startups allow You to grow professionally #KeepLearning

Startup jobs are demanding, there’s no way around it. In a big company you often have your strict pre-defined box in the corporate hierarchy. In a startup you are required to wear multiple hats. This will most likely force you to do things that are out of your comfort zone. That being said you will also learn many new skills, and you will learn them fast by doing things in practice. You might also find an entirely new profession, depending on your motivation. At Tapp we want everybody to find their true passion.

4. Startups allow You to be yourself #FeelFree

Big corporations and public sector employers are often conservative. People can have a feeling that they are a different person at work and at home. Every morning, you need to put your suit on and practice that fake smile in front of a mirror.

Not in a startup. Startups are relaxed working environments that allow you to be yourself. My friend once asked me, am I working in one of those companies where you can wear a beanie indoors. Yes, Tapp is exactly one of those companies. Actually, I’m wearing a beanie right now.

5. Startup company is a community #TGIM

In a startup company, it’s important that people are good buddies with each other. It just makes things run smoother. At the Turku office, for instance, we gather every Tuesday to have breakfast together. On Fridays there’s beer-o-clock. In addition, we often do fun things together, like the other week, we went to play beach volley. Oh, and we also have a table hockey at the office. That’s mandatory in a Finnish startup company. Or at least it should be, if you ask me.

Sometimes all of this makes me feel I’m not going to an office, but to meet my friends at our own social club.

Join us!

Tapp is a tight knit community of 80+ professionals. We are committed to support each other on our journey to startup stardom. We just scored an additional 9 million USD to escalate our growth, so we are here for good.

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The writer, Elia Elenius, is a constant phone dropper, a master pineapple cutter, and the Community Manager at Tapp. Follow Elia on Twitter @EliaElenius