New Tapp Agent from Indonesia

New Tapp agent Chimot

Meet Chimot, new Tapp agent from Indonesia

I had a privilege to meet a one-week-old Tapp agent, Tri Widianto, known as nickname Chimot, in Indonesia. My Jakartan Tapp colleagues had arranged the agent visit to me and to my marketing colleagues from Chubb. Chimot has his small corner shop at the South Jakarta area, which is known to be a place where young families start their own lives. 

We got to the location within a cozy athmosphere and hot end-June-Wednesday-afternoon weather. Children were playing around watching curiously at us and teens were socialising with their mobiles in his store. I met a relaxed and polite young entrepreneur, who had nice watches and sport wear in sale.

Chimot’s story together with Tapp had started only a few weeks before we met. He had been in discussions with his peers earlier and through his network, he was introduced to Tapp team. Chimot saw a good opportunity in Tapp Market and wanted to give it a try.

Selling electricity to begin with

Chimot had started to sell electricity for his network from Tapp Market only a one week before we met. While being able to talk few words in English, I got the impression about the young business man who knew what he was doing.

Lucky Andreadi from our Jakarta office interviewed Chimot more thoroughly about his first experiences with Tapp Market. He stated that the most beneficial things from Tapp Market were the affordable electricity and airtime prices and the agent map, which enables customers to locate the nearest Tapp agent.

We encouraged him to make a suggestion how we could support him for example with marketing materials and he explained that a banner would help him. The banner would attract people to ask about airtime business and to be part of Chimot’s network.


Tapp agent corner store in Jakarta

While asking about the the Tapp insurance marketing banner hanging from his balcony, he stated that some people had seen it and it had raised the interest among people passing by already during the first few days. Which, of course, made a marketeer smile.

Entrepreneur wants to earn, obviously

We mentioned also the physical products that will be available at Tapp Market any day soon and his willingness to start to sell also other products than of those of his own. For the entrepreneur the obvious answer to the question why he’d be interested in was: “To earn more money.”

We also wanted to hear the challenges that he had faced. There had been cases where it was difficult to try to explain the benefits of a particular product and thus there were a specific need for additional trainings, marketing materials or bonus programs that might help in getting his network to understand the beauty of the Tapp Market better: easy, reliable and fun. From personal point of view, this feedback was nice also; there’s plenty of things to do for a marketeer…

In the beginning of August, Chimot has been our agent for almost 2 months. He has managed to grow his business together with Tapp Market and he has got the word spreading around.

Our agent is happy, so are we.

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The writer, Noora Jefimoff, is the Growth Hacker at Tapp Commerce. Follow Noora on Twitter @Nooraje