Best Performing Area Coordinators Received Awards in Indonesia

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Taman Piknik resort, located at the scenic Ciloto Puncak valley in West Java, is basking in the morning sun on the 20th of July. The nearby lake, surrounded by bold pine filled mountains, is oozing vapor after the previous night’s rainfall. All of a sudden, the dreamy atmosphere is cut by loud laughter and over two dozen men and women storm the convention hall of the resort. Tappians had arrived to their national meeting.

The Crown Jewel of Tapp World

The five-day national meeting is Tapp World’s crown jewel in Indonesia. It is an event where division heads and area coordinators have the opportunity to meet, network, and learn form each other – an event where new friendships are made and old ones replenished. The program consists of team building exercises, sports, and idea sessions. It is five days filled with learning, fun, and just the right amount of games.

#BeBrave and #KeepLearning

The absolute highlight of the meeting is the rewarding of outstanding Tappians. This time, five Tappians received recognitions of excellence.

The most heartwarming story of the meeting is the story of Pamuji. During the previous half-year sprint, Pamuji did not fair that well. His performance was lagging behind. This, however, did not slay him down. No. Setbacks made Pamuji to try harder. Pamuji consulted other area coordinators and learned from them. Day in and day out, he kept making efforts and push forward.

Finally the day of recognition arrives. Pamuji has no idea that he has made such progress, nor does the other area coordinators, but Indonesia’s Country Manager Deddy knows. Actually, he has known for a while that something magical is happening. 

In the heartbreaking rewards ceremony, in front of all his peers, Pamuji is told he is now the number one. His sales figures are top notch, and so are all the other performance indicators. As you can imagine, this is a very emotional moment for all the people present, and understandably, tears of joy are shed. Other Area Coordinators rewarded are Eko Sudarmoho, Imran Darmawan, Heru Setiawan and Dito Yudho.

Pamuji Raharjo

Best performing Area Coordinator is Pamuji Raharjo

Eko Sudarmoho

2nd best performing Area Coordinator is Eko Sudarmoho

Imran Darmawan

3rd best performing Area Coordinator is Imran Darmawan

Heru Setiawan

Most improved Area Coordinator is Heru Setiawan

Dito Yudho

Most innovative & creative Area Coordinator is Dito Yudho


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By Elia Elenius
Twitter @EliaElenius