Tapp Indonesia Reached 100,000 Daily Transactions

On Friday the 5th of May, Tapp Indonesia reached a milestone of 100,000 daily transactions. “The relentless effort of our team has paid off. Tapp is here for good, digitalizing the Indonesian economy,” states Deddy Satrya, Country Manager of Tapp Indonesia.

While Tapp has been close to the milestone for the past few weeks, the magical number was yet to be reached. “Our staff have been anxiously staring at our dashboards all around the world, as our first market has worked 24/7 to reach this all-time high transaction count. Last Friday, the whole Tapp family was jumping out of joy as we finally did it,” says the CEO of Tapp Group Tapio Järvenpää: “Our next target is to reach quarter of a million transactions by the end of June.”

Tapp is a mobile commerce and payments platform company headquartered in Finland. Tapp has offices in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia.