Tapp Joins Anti-Narcotics Action in Indonesia #HereForGood

Ganjar Pranowo Tapp Commerce Indonesia Semarang

Tapp Commerce has started to sponsor National Anti-Narcotics Agency in Central Java, Indonesia. The cooperation started on Sunday the 24th of July when a Tapp sponsored anti-narcotics rally was held in Semarang. The event gathered citizens, anti-narcotics advocates and decision makers for a march against drugs. The Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo opened the rally.



The Governor of Central Java (3rd from right) and his family with Tapp’s Area Coordinator, the The Head of The National Anti Narcotics Department of Central Java, The Head of The National Anti Narcotics Department of East Java and The Head of Narcotics Prevention

Tapp doing preventive work

”We sponsor anti-narcotics work on a grassroots level by providing people the means to do business”, says Tapp Indonesia’s Country Manager Deddy Satrya: “We are doing preventive work here. Especially if you are a young person, being idle is not a good thing. With Tapp Market, youngsters have the chance to do something meaningful; they can keep themselves busy, and most importantly, have an income.”

During the event, Tapp’s Area Coordinator for Central Java, Heru Setiawan, introduced Tapp Market to Governor Pranowo and other dignitaries. 


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