Updated Tapp Market app available on Google Play

new categories Tapp Market

Tapp Commerce has launched an update to Tapp Market app. The update significantly enhances Tapp Market app with new product categories, new features and wider ease of use. This update further establishes Tapp Market as a leader in serving existing cash consumers.

Tapp Market allows people without access to bank account or credit card to participate in online shopping using their mobile phone. Tapp Market is currently available on Google Play in Indonesia and the Philippines. Vietnam and Thailand will be launched later this year.

New product categories and features for Tapp Market

New product categories enable both global and local brands to sell on Tapp Market.  New categories are:

  • Gadgets & accessories
  • Health & beauty
  • Fashion
  • Electronics & appliances
  • Home & kitchen

With a redesigned looks, new product categories, Tapp Market aims to serve its consumers better with improved usability. Based on feedback received from Tapp Market users, many features have been improved.

Improved features include:

  • Easier and faster sales tools
  • More visible balance status
  • Improve product search
  • Automatic deposit processing in Indonesia
  • Larger selection of billers for bill payments both in Indonesia and the Philippines

Tapp Market works with local businesses

To help local businesses to grow, Tapp Commerce has now started to work with local businesses to bring their products online. The aim is to assist small business owners to bring their products online and sell to new customers nationwide in their country.

In Indonesia, the network of Tapp Agents works as a payment collection point for new orders made on Tapp Market, while also working as an extended salesforce by selling to their own customers. In the Philippines, Tapp Commerce works with partners to bring selected products available for cash customers on Tapp Market. Customers can purchase these products from Tapp Agents directly or purchase online and pay in cash at a Tapp Agent. Tapp Commerce is already discussing with potential partners in Vietnam and Thailand to have a selection of products available when we launch in them later this year.

Tapp Market keeps growing with new launches

For small business owners Tapp Commerce is soon launching a new mobile app, which assists them in starting to sell their products directly on Tapp Market. The upcoming new tool helps small businesses to manage their customers’ orders on Tapp Market and also has features for ¬†communicating with their customers.

This app is currently in closed beta testing with selected partners in Indonesia. Tapp Commerce is preparing to launch the app in coming weeks.

There are exciting new developments under way that will further improve and expand Tapp Market offering later this year.

Download Tapp Market here.